Empower every child to enjoy a positive and purposeful life.


Every child will live a healthy and positive life, knowing how to be a confident and creative learner, as they successfully continue their educational journey.

HOW TO LIVE: Live healthily, be able to stay safe and establish habits for life;
HOW TO BE: Be principled, proactively solve problems and care about others and the environment;
HOW TO LEARN: Learn actively, communicate effectively and persevere to reach one’s own goals;
HOW TO CREATE: Create through exploration and inquiry, in order to become an independent thinker.


Learning Principles are important statements that describe how children learn. At YueCheng Kindergarten the learning partnership of children, teachers and parents is founded on commitment to the following nine principles:

1. Children are capable, competent, joyful learners.
2. Children make sense of their world through play.
3. Children learn and develop best in safe and secure relationships.
4. Environments that support learning are vibrant, flexible spaces, responsive to the interests and readiness of each child.
5. Children flourish when their learning connects linguistic, cognitive, physical, and social-emotional domains.
6. Children have creative, inquisitive minds that grow with autonomy, choice, and purpose.
7. Children learn to value others through social interactions in an open, respectful environment.
8. Interacting with the natural world promotes imaginary, sensory play while encouraging movement and positive well-being.
9. Participating in nature play encourages children to care for living things.

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