Faculty Team


Ms Marta Smith

Lead Teacher

Marta comes to us from sunny Portugal. She began teaching English when she was just 17, however her passion for science took her to studying Pharmacology at the University of Liverpool.After graduating, she found herself working for the National Museum of Liverpool in the Education Department and her love of facilitating learning propelled her to train to be a teacher. Once qualified, she unexpectedly had to cover for a teacher in Kindergarten and fell in love with working with younger children.

Marta has significant experience of working internationally having worked in England, Australia, Vietnam, Iran Uzbekistan, Hong Kong and Switzerland. She graduated with a Masters in Education from the University of Hong Kong and is continuously learning and researching best practice in Early Childhood Development.

Marta's favourite hobby is to read, particularly non-fiction. She has 2 boys aged 7 and 9 and together with her husband, they enjoy eating, hiking and bowling. They are all looking forward to exploring China, Chinese food and culture.


Ms Naeemah Rose

Lead Teacher

Naeemah Rose is a Lead Teacher at YueCheng Courtyard Kindergarten (YCCK). She is a native New Yorker who has been teaching internationally for 9 years. She holds a Professional Educator Certificate in Early Childhood Education. Ever keen to develop and continue to excel in her career, she is embarking on a Master's degree in advanced teaching.

Naeemah is passionately committed to working with young children and has experience teaching pre-school age children in a variety of international schools such as an IB World school, a British school, and an American school. In her last role, she was the Early Years Coordinator and mentor for new pre-school teachers.

Naeemah moved to Beijing with her family in August 2019. It is her first time living and working in China. She wishes to pick up some Mandarin and travel around China. In her spare time, she loves exploring her new city and trying Chinese food. She is excited be working with excellent colleagues from a variety of cultures and disciplines. She is keen to let her love of hands-on, inquiry based learning flourish at YCCK.


Andrew Smith

Associate Teacher

Andrew Smith is from Australia and began coaching sports to children as a teenager.He is a professional Level 2 field hockey coach and began coaching in schools 20 years ago.He is also a qualified football and basketball Level 1 coach.

Andrew's first overseas posting was in Hong Kong where he continued to coach school children and assisted schools' Physical Education departments in enrichening their curriculum. He has taught and coached in schools in England, Iran, Uzbekistan, Switzerland and Portugal before arriving in Beijing. In Switzerland, he was the teacher assistant for the Kindergarten teacher where he learned a lot about young children's physical development.

Andrew received his postgraduate certificate in education from Keele University in England and has experience of delivering the British National Curriculum and the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme.


Ms Wang Guanyi

Group Teacher

Wang, Guangli (Queenie) has taught in kindergartens for 7 years in high quality international schools. She completed her Bachelor’s Degree from Jilin University, China in 2006. She is certified as a teacher to Kindergarten and Primary school age students. She also has a certificate of training from the Multiple intelligence Association.

Queenie has an 8 year old son. When she is not at school, she enjoys spending time with her son and walking around the city with him on weekends. She also likes travel, movies and reading.

She is very excited to be with your child and see them growing and developing. She wants to contribute to the memorable life of your child in Kindergarten working together with you.


Ms Wang Zi

Group Teacher

Wang Zi (Zi) was born in the hometown of the panda and the birthplace of hotpot—Chengdu. Half of her life was in Chengdu, and the other half she was raised in America.

Zi earned her undergraduate degree in Therapeutic Recreation at the University of Iowa, then worked at a government organization to help children and youth with disabilities. She received an M.A in Child and Family Education from the Education University of Hong Kong, following which she continued working in early childhood education.

As a continuous learner, she has always been interested in the moral development of children. This is her sixth-year working with children. She believes children have their own unique style of learning, some are visual learners, the other learn faster with hands-on activities, to help them reach their potential. Building an individual relationship with each child to ensure that each child’s needs have been met is the key to maximizing learning experiences in life and in school.


Ms Wang Yihong

Group Teacher

Yihong Huang comes from a small beautiful city in the south-east part of China, Changshu. She has been studying, living and working in Beijing since 2009. After graduating from Beijing Forestry University, she decided to study aboard at the University of Pittsburgh, United States. Yihong majored in Early Childhood Education and earned a Master degree in Education.

During her experiences in Pittsburgh, she provided voluntary services for a special education agency, a children's museum and library. In 2015, she had a wonderful summer exchange experience in Florence, Italy. Yihong also worked as a Kindergarten classroom assistant teacher at a school associated with a prestigious university in the United States, before becoming an older infant room teacher at an early childhood center, also in the United States.

Yihong always has a strong belief in the power of mother tongue and the positive impacts from Chinese traditional culture. From 2017 to 2019, she was the lead teacher of a Kindergarten classroom in Shunyi, Beijing. The immersive environment, mission, learning impacts and principles of Yuecheng Courtyard Kindergarten shares the core values with Yihong's teaching philosophy as “Play in nature, naturally play”. She is willing to devote herself as a caring companion and a good helper to empower young children to have a positive, purposeful and healthy life.


Ms Dou Yuke

Teacher Assistant

Dou Yuke (Vicky) graduated from Beijing City University with a Bachelor’s Degree in the English Education of Children. She got her Teaching License for Early Childhood Education in 2002.

Since graduation, she has been working at preschool level for 9 years. She has worked in several high quality kindergartens in Beijing both as a homeroom teacher and as a curriculum coordinator.

Vicky believes that the parent-teacher relationship plays a key role in child development in the kindergarten. Because every child experiences childhood only once, and every child means the whole world to a family, a teacher should give priority to respecting and trusting every child.


Ms Yan Shanshan

Teacher Assistant

A graduate of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, majoring in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language, Shanshan Yan (Shanie) finished her Master’s program at the Education University of Hong Kong, majoring in Early Childhood Education. During her studies, she participated in various volunteer services and taught both foreign students and primary school aged students. Through teaching, she gained a great sense of achievement.

After graduation, Shanie worked in Shanghai for more than 4 years outside of education, following which she worked in a Hong Kong kindergarten as an intern then in Shenzhen in a kindergarten. Shanie enjoys engaging herself in the world of early learning, and knows what she does makes a difference for children.


Ms Yu Ting

Teacher Assistant

Yu Ting graduated from Beijing Language and Culture University with a Master of Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages Degree. During her time as agraduate student she participated in the Harvard-Beijing Academy. In addition to her Masters Degree, Yu Ting also has certification for teaching Chinese in high schools. She is lively, cheerful and loves to work with children. Yu Ting thinks that children's behavior is the way they communicate with adults. All children's behaviors have specific meaning behind them. One of tasks for preschool educators is to ensure that they look at children's behavior as something that can be understood and interpreted, then give appropriate feedback so that they can build trusting relationships with children.

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