Questions And Answers

2019-10-12 WUTONG

Since YueCheng Courtyard Kindergarten Welcome Center opened last month and started accepting applications for the 2019-2020 school year, many parents have shown a keen interest in this unique kindergarten.

In order to help parents learn more about the YueCheng Courtyard Kindergarten, we're pleased to respond to some of the questions most frequently raised by parents, as follows:

Q: What is YueCheng Education?

A: YueCheng Education (YCE) provides high-quality, internationally-minded education for students aged 2-18 years. Its constituent institutions include non-profit schools Beijing City International School (BCIS) and YueCheng Kindergarten (YCKG). Other educational projects include YueCheng Education Research Institute (YERI), Learning Frontier (LF) and Reading Frontier (RF).

YCE’s Core Values are:

We believe that:

continuous learning empowers growth

community strengthens us

embracing diversity enriches us

each individual has value

when we serve, it benefits all

Q: What is the relationship between YueCheng Kindergarten and YueCheng Education?

A: YueCheng Kindergarten is managed independently by its own professional leadership team and share the same educational philosophy and values with other YCE institutions, all of which are governed by the same Board of Trustees and supervised by the superintendent.

Q: What are the Learning impacts of YueCheng Kindergarten?

A: The YCKG mission is to empower every child to enjoy a positive and purposeful life. Every child will live a healthy and positive life, knowing how to be a confident and creative learner, as they successfully continue their educational journey.

Learning Impacts are:

HOW TO LIVE: Live healthily, be able to stay safe and establish habits for life;

HOW TO BE: Be principled, proactively solve problems and care about others and their environment;

HOW TO LEARN: Learn actively, communicate effectively and persevere to reach one’s own goals;

HOW TO CREATE: Create through exploration and inquiry, in order to become an independent thinker.

Q: What are the characteristics of YueCheng Kindergarten’s curriculum?

A: Our Kindergarten uses an inquiry-based methodology called “Investigative Play”. At the heart of the curriculum lie the following key characteristics:

1. Children are placed in multi-aged groupings within open and connected learning spaces. This empowers children to explore with others and increase in confidence, while learning how to relate to others in a harmonious manner.

2. Inquiry and practice in logical thinking, interactive immersion in the arts, guided hands-on experiences with technologies and inter-generational experiences provide children with various learning opportunities.

3. Learning is highly personalized for your child so that she or he is happy and fulfilled and ready to transfer to a future school at age six.

4. Emphasis is placed on growing your child’s language skills in both Chinese and English. Teams of English and bilingual teachers place language learning within a cultural context, so that your child grows up proud of her Chinese heritage while aware of the wider global context. 

5. Our “books everywhere” policy is designed to nurture in your child a love of reading for life.

Q: Who teaches the children at YueCheng Kindergarten?

A: The faculty of YueCheng Kindergarten includes, but is not limited to, Principal, Chinese Director, Campus Manager, Lead Teachers, Home-group Teachers, Associate Teachers, Assistant Teachers, Teacher assistant and Child Care.

Highly qualified expatriate and Chinese teachers collaborate in teams to ensure the highest standard of international education. Community members play dual roles as both educators and learners within children's lives.

All adults in the kindergarten serve in loco parentis. This means that all adults take responsibility for the care of your child.

Q: Why do community members follow the learning principles at YueCheng Kindergarten?

A: Learning Principles are important statements that describe how children learn.  At YueCheng Kindergarten, children, teachers and parents follow the learning principles and create a learning community of respect, kindness, and love. We believe that children learn best in a secure and close relationship. Children grow confidently as individuals in an encouraging and caring early years environment.

Q: Is the school bus service available?

A: Yes. The School Bus service is contracted to a professional outsourced bus company. School bus routes will be planned according to home addresses. Bus fees will be paid directly to the bus company, which is responsible for providing a Fapiao (if applicable). The school bus fee varies according to the distance to the kindergarten.

Q: Does the kindergarten provide food service?

A: Yes. A healthy balanced diet is an important part of our curriculum. Lunch and snacks are included in the tuition fee. Our professional nutritionists plan the menu for the children. 

Q: When does YueCheng Courtyard Kindergarten open?

A: YueCheng Courtyard Kindergarten opened on October 8th, 2019.