The Opening Ceremony

2019-10-12 WUTONG

As we celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, YueCheng Courtyard Kindergarten also ushered in an extraordinary day yesterday.

In the morning, a meaningful and significant opening ceremony was held at the Kindergarten.  Important guests, children, parents, and all staff members of the Kindergarten witnessed this exciting moment.

The highly respected educator Mr. Tao Xiping and a representative of the Kindergarten's children cut the ribbon and officially started "a dialogue between 1725, 2019 and the future", which also marks the Kindergarten embarking on a new journey, carrying parents’ love for their children and the anticipation for them to enjoy a bright and fruitful future.

During the opening ceremony, many guests shared their feelings from the perspective of education and design concepts of the Kindergarten.

The YueCheng Education superintendent, Mr. Nick Bowley told the story of the Kindergarten in his speech:

Some three years ago our YueCheng founder had a vision. He imagined a school for young children in which the wisdom of old China would complement a new kind of learning. In which older generations would pass down to young children philosophies and crafts that must never be lost. In which children would grow to be citizens respectful of their mother country and of the world. Today that vision is realized with the opening of the YueCheng Courtyard Kindergarten.

Master architect Mr. Ma Yansong, who designed this Kindergarten, said in his speech that there is a Chinese saying to describe a naughty child which goes like this: "Three days without a beating, the child will start scaling the roof and ripping off the tiles!" Growing up in a traditional Beijing courtyard, a special affection for the courtyard roof grew in him. The low and gentle design of the new building is designed to have a good connection with this ancient courtyard, allowing children to play on the roof and have rich personal experiences of freedom, the old and the new, tradition and modernity. The experience of living and learning in this blended environment of the old and new Beijing will become an important memory in the future lives of the children.

Mr. Tao Xiping uses, ”Four Integrations” to outline the characteristics of this Kindergarten: the integration of ancient and modern, the integration of education and architecture, the integration of teachers and children, and the integration of family and school. In conclusion he wished YueCheng Courtyard Kindergarten and the children a good future.

Founding Principal Amanda Clark said in her speech: “Our work in this kindergarten is informed by a series of guiding statements, that clearly signal our direction. These guiding statements are at the heart of what we do, which is, in the words of our Mission statement, Empower every child to enjoy a positive and purposeful life.

After the Opening Ceremony, the children and parents together planted succulents in the Courtyard. In the coming times, the children will experience and understand the mystery and the magic of nature. This planting also symbolizes that the children in the Kindergarten will bathe in the sun and have roots to grow.

The future is unpredictable; we have a responsibility to lay a solid foundation for our children, and to let them have roots to grow and wings to fly, to empower them create the future.



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